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Birthday: December 3
Grade: Primary 1

On her first day at the mission, Variola walked over to a group of children playing and reading. She picked up a book and held it upside down, flipping the pages as though she knew how to read already. From that moment, we knew she was a child that needed to a place to grow and flourish. Variola loves learning about doctors and wants to be one when she grows up. It’s probably no surprise that her favorite movie is Dolphin Tale, where two kids use science and love to help heal an injured dolphin. She likes to eat oatmeal and to sing Nat King Cole’s “L-O-V-E,” but does not recommend doing both at the same time! Variola is a natural leader, we’re wondering when she will try to use those leadership skills to delegate her assigned chore to sweep the yard—for now, she sometimes just skips it! She loves to run, to read Little House Friend, and the colors purple and green. Variola is sensitive, emotional, and affectionate, and has chosen Mr. Mitch as her role model because she believes he will help her to grow up to be a better person. She enjoys playing with dolls, reading, and birthday celebrations, especially her own. Her next goals: learn to play the piano and drums.

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