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Age 12

Nahoum is a favorite of almost every visitor. As soon as you enter the mission, he races to hug you, gives you a welcoming smile, and then begins spouting all the latest facts he has learned at school—about dinosaurs, the solar system, and neutrons and protons. Nahoum vows that he will attend an American university, and always asks us, at the end of each visit, if he can return with us to begin his college studies. He is only nine, so he is still a bit young to begin his freshman year, but we have no doubt he will pursue his higher education dreams!

The goal of the mission is to provide a safe, nurturing environment for Haitian children who do not have one. Children are cared for medically, nutritionally, educationally and spiritually. They are taught in both French and English, with a goal of achieving at least a high school diploma. Christian prayer and guidelines are a part of their daily life, as is a sense of giving back to the mission though work and responsibility.

Support Nahoum

For just $30/month or $360/year, you can contribute to Nahoum’s health and education.