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Birthday: November 30
Grade: Primary 1

Marc came to us so young (barely 3 years old) he was as much baby fat as he was a boy! Smiling and happy since the day he arrived, Mark has since stretched upward into a promising, energetic child, who looks at the older kids like a giant family of brothers and sisters, bouncing from each of their laps and learning their names even as they teach him and guide him every day. It is a joy to watch him grow.

A math whiz in school, Marc was excited to learn about equivalent equations. He’s cheerful and headstrong, making him a great player for his favorite pastime: playing “capture the flag!” He also enjoys playing soccer, and wants to learn how to play the drums. Marc gets to spend time with his grandmother, who visits often. His favorite color is black.


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For just $30/month or $360/year, you can contribute to Marc’s health and education.