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Birthday: February 26
Grade: Primary 4

Louvenson is quite the soccer player and overall athlete—just ask him to do push-ups to prove it. He appears to be the happiest child on earth because he always wears a smile that covers his entire face! From his positivity, you would never guess that he is an orphan whose life has been filled with challenges and heartbreaking experiences. He is a little ball of energy, and he aspires to become a better reader, as well as a better friend to the little ones at the mission. He’s a great listener and courteous towards others, and counts among his role models the nannies, Miss Gina, and all of the directors because they “help me to be respectful!” He’s very spiritual and loves God, and sings “The Splendor of a King” with a fullness of heart. He’s a great drummer who frequently leads the musical accompaniment on the bongos during devotions.

He likes science and wants to become a scientist who invents robots (so they can “work for him”), but his love for dinosaurs—especially the mighty T-rex—makes us wonder if instead of building the robotics of the future, he’ll be digging in the past as a paleontologist. He looks forward to Saturdays because he gets to volunteer at a local malnutrition clinic. In the 2016-2017 school year, he tied for first place in French Level 4 spelling bee, and was runner up for the English junior spelling bee.


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