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Jonathan, 'J.U.'

Birthday: October 6
Grade: Primary 3

When you think “seize the day,” you might think of Jonathan, a.k.a. J.U. Outgoing and personable, he is an effervescent boy who takes on all challenges at blinding speed. J.U. wants to grow up to become a soccer player, a missionary, a doctor, and a musician. But you should know he’s preparing, as science, history, math, grammar, and geography are his favorite school subjects because they will all help him when he is older. As a missionary, he wants to begin his work in Haiti, and then take his work around the world. He enjoys Saturdays the most because it’s his day off to rest and think and meditate. Vivacious, he loves action movies and to sing any Bruno Mars song. J.U. found a role model in Mr. Mitch because he inspires him to be a person who earns the trust of others. Always good-humored, he likes to spend time with his friends but is equally adept at starting up conversations with visitors. His favorite colors are black and red, and one of his favorite books is Call of the Wild. Whether racing to a soccer ball or running to be first to school, he has energy to spare and an endless smile.

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