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Birthday: May 4
Grade: Primary 2

Brought to us by a man who didn’t even know her name, Djulene is a true miracle. Both parents were killed the day of the earthquake, crushed in their home while their daughter played outside. From that point, she bounced from person-to-person and village to village. We were hesitant to take her because she had no schooling, though she was already seven years old, but she melted our hearts. Since then, she has made us all better. A smiling, grateful, polite and highly intelligent girl, she thinks of others before herself.

Though she leans towards being quiet and a little reserved, Djulene embodies her favorite song when she dances—“Girl on Fire” by Alicia Keys. But she’s not likely to burn, as she’s nearly incapable of starting any trouble and gets along with all of the kids at the Mission. Bright and driven, she wants to be a veterinarian when she grows up because she loves animals, especially dogs. Djulene’s quick to volunteer to help sweep up around the yard, and loves Christmastime because that’s when they all come together to put on the Christmas play. Gifted when it comes to spatial awareness, Djulene is the Connect 4 Queen and wants to learn how to play the trumpet. Her role model is Mr. Mitch because he is “really nice and helps people!”

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