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Birthday: June 23
Grade: College 1

Djouna is soft spoken, sweet tempered, tender and thoughtful. She loves painting nails, braiding hair, and making bracelets. She wants to be a singer, but is also considering a future career as a chef or a veterinarian, or maybe all three! A puppy lover and basketball player, she also plays the piano and enjoys science class, because it helps her “to know about life.” Once you gain Djouna’s trust, you will find that her personality is simply illuminating. She is a brilliant student and is the first to raise her hand in class, but she also has a great deal of energy and compassion to share with others. She looks forward to every Friday not just because it’s the start of the weekend, but because of the end-of-the-week award titles given to classroom achievers, cleanest room of the week, and most responsible. Her healthy spirit of competition was on display in the 2016-2017 school year spelling bees, in which she was runner up in the junior level English bee and French level 5 bee.


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