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S.A.Y. Detroit Clinic to Provide Services to Dignity House

S.A.Y. Detroit Clinic to Provide Services to Dignity House

On Tuesday’s broadcast of the Mitch Albom Show, Mitch and Ken were joined by Angela Aufdemberge, President and CEO of Vista Maria, and Nelly Kendrick, Director of Dignity House in Detroit bring attention to the very serious and often underreported trauma of sexual assault, recently at the forefront of discussion about rape on university campuses in the wake of the high-profile lawsuit settlement regarding an alleged rape  at Florida State University(FSU) by Jameis Winston, a former student athlete. (more…)

Healing the Whole Person

Healing the Whole Person

Clinical trials suggest that the best way to treat disease is to explore, understand, and treat the underlying cause. Western medicine has historically focused on the use of medications to manage conditions such as hypertension, cardiac disease, and diabetes. Our philosophy at the S.A.Y. clinic is one that focuses primarily on the underlying causes of disease. The usual suspects are obesity, stress, poor diet, lack of exercise, and at times, not knowing or understanding what constitutes a healthy lifestyle. To that end, our patients enjoy a comprehensive approach to their wellness that includes:

Nutritional counseling and reference materials

Smoking cessation resources

Exercise classes

Weight loss classes

Emotional and psychiatric counseling

The clinic is also now aligned with multiple organizations and services to help patients cope with other problems throughout their lives.

We have achieved tremendous success with patients who have taken advantage of these services. We have seen reduction in the need for blood pressure and diabetic medications, weight reduction, increased personal strength and confidence, and individuals who are simply “feeling much better.”

These improvements are as a result of our general philosophy: heal the entire person.

A special post from the S.A.Y. Detroit Family Health Clinic Director Dr. Val Gokenbach DM, RN, MBA, NEC-A, RWJF

S.A.Y. Detroit Distributes Radiothon Funds

S.A.Y. Detroit Distributes Radiothon Funds

Detroit, Michigan – April 15– More than a dozen local charities were grateful recipients of $825,000, funds raised from the Third Annual SAY Detroit Radiothon held last December. Representatives from several major donor organizations and the recipient charities gathered on  the 7th floor of the Fisher Building to celebrate what is for S.A.Y. Detroit, “the best day of the year.” (more…)

The Answer to Affordable Medications: The Prescription Assistance Program

One problem that many people face in regards to their healthcare needs is the ability to be able to afford their medications. Prescriptions can cost up to $300 each, which is out of reach for most patients. S.A.Y. clinic is attempting to assist patients through the growth of our Prescription Assistance Program. Managed by Lanay Perry, this program connects appropriate patients to drug manufacturers to supply their meds free of charge for as long as they qualify. The following is a list of the drug manufacturers that we have aligned with and the medications they are supplying. (more…)

Red Wing Captain Supports Health Clinic

Red Wing Captain Supports Health Clinic

October 27 – Highland Park, MI – Detroit Red Wing captain Henrik Zetterberg and his wife, Emma – through their charitable foundation – donated $40,000 to Mitch’s S.A.Y.  Detroit Family Health Clinic in support of ongoing efforts there to provide free healthcare for homeless mothers and children.


Zetterberg Foundation Raises Funds for S.A.Y. Detroit

Zetterberg Foundation Raises Funds for S.A.Y. Detroit

The S.A.Y. Detroit Family Health Clinic was one of the recipients of Friday night’s event hosted by the Zetterberg Foundation at Tre Monti Ristorante in Troy, MI.

Zetterberg Foundation was established in 2013 by Detroit Red Wings Captain Henrik Zetterberg and his wife Emma to increase and expand their efforts in giving back to the City of Detroit, and the charitable causes they believe in globally; involving children, education and healthcare.

zetterberg 1

(from l-r: Stephan Huber (Exec Director of ZF), Mitch Albom, Emma Zetterberg, Henrik Zetterberg)

The special event included cocktails, dinner, a live auction, entertainment and a private VIP reception with Henrik and other Red Wings players.

To learn more about the Foundation, click here. You can learn more the S.A.Y. Detroit Family Health Clinic, the nation’s first free medical clinic devoted to homeless children and their mothers here.

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